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Welcome to Stantech Marketing Company Toronto.

A different marketing firm that helps Toronto businesses market themselves and their products and services from beginning to end. Our focus is on marketing strategy in Toronto, however we are not a traditional marketing company. And we operate well beyond the borders of Greater Toronto.

As a full service marketing agency, our multi-faceted and fully integrated marketing services deliver additional sales and sustainable business growth to clients of all sizes.

We work with mid-size businesses on a wide range of marketing issues, including their marketing plan & strategies, marketing audit, integrated marketing implementation, event marketing and a range of other tactics including social media, direct marketing, design, advertising, promotion, Internet and website, research, and competitive intelligence etc.

What makes us different is that we help companies in Toronto to set up their marketing strategies and plans, and then we execute for them.

In this website you'll find a ton of information, resources, products and services that can help you understand what we do and how we operate. You'll find:

our latest digital marketing service

why marketing coaching may be your answer

a marketing audit will identify your missed opportunities
some examples of our work
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All this and much more.

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"Stantech Marketing helped us to... increase referrals from general practitioners to our clinic by 160% over a three month period." - Dr. Peter Rothbart, MD, FRCPC, DABPM, Rothbart Pain Management Clinic

"You were able to restructure our marketing plan in such a way that improved efficiencies, cost-effectiveness, and focus has been achieved, and which has helped to dramatically improve performance" - Alan Farber, Partner, A. Farber & Partners Inc.

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