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Neville Pokroy Stantech Marketing Inc. is the brainchild of Neville Pokroy, a lifetime marketer, who believes that small and midsize businesses have the same marketing needs as big business, but not the resources. In many instances this situation prevents such businesses from doing any professional marketing, a situation that places them in an even more precarious competitive position. Such marketing services from Stantech in Toronto is provided without excessive overheads, and with the flexibility to use external resources that are "right for the job".

Stantech will also supplement the marketing efforts of companies that have existing resources, but could use the incremental support that Stantech provides. In this situation, marketing consulting becomes a key role that we play. This will enable the company to achieve more without adding incremental fixed overheads, and have the opportunity to use an external resource as a sounding board for new ideas.

As an outsourced marketer Stantech, brings to the table a wide range of experts who assist in the planning and implementation of marketing activities. As such, these experts focus only on their areas of expertise, thus allowing Stantech to provide a level of expertise that no other full-service marketing organization can provide with all their internal resources and associated overheads. This brings the best of both worlds to our clients - unsurpassed expertise at a uniquely affordable price.

Although marketing consulting is not our business, we do act as consultants as part of our process. We need to understand everything about the client in order to add value, and as such we become a valuable marketing consulting resource as part of our overall mandate. We use marketing consulting as a tool, not as an end. This is what makes us different.


"You have far exceeded our expectations of what could have been achieved" - David Mandelstam, President, Sangoma Technologies

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