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Our case studies reflect only a few examples of our work, particularly in the fields of marketing strategy, marketing services, and marketing communications in the Toronto area. Every one involved a good deal of marketing consulting and marketing analysis, followed by an implementation phase which reflects our work in the marketing services field. If you need more information about any other work, please email us

Medical Clinic

: Clinic wanted to increase the number of referrals from General Practitioners in their geographic region.

Solution: Stantech developed a comprehensive direct marketing campaign aimed at educating GP's about the clinic, the services they offered, and why they should refer patients. In addition, the campaign tested various media options in order to maximize the effectiveness of future tactics.

Results: In the months after the campaign, referrals from the targeted GP's increased by an average of 160%. In addition, 28% of all referrals in the first three months of the campaign were from GP's that had never referred patients to the clinic before. A final outcome of the campaign was that the test segments provided definitive results, which will enable future campaigns to be designed to maximize the medical clinic's future marketing expenditure.

Software Developer

: Company was seen as a small business that could not possibly supply the expertise, service and support that was demanded in this industry.

Solution: Stantech developed a full, professional-looking sales kit that positioned the company as "much larger than it really was". Client was coached on presentation skills and the result was a more formal, professional sales presentation that met the needs of prospective clients.

Results: Client was able to close deals easier and this created triple-digit growth over a two-year period.

Clothing retailer

: Launch of a third-party credit card.

Solution: Stantech developed and implemented a twenty-two piece campaign for the retailer in support of new store openings in a test scenario. This test launch was completed within a six week period and within budget.

Results: Store sales were well beyond expectation and customer acceptance of new credit card service was huge. Retailer rolled out the card to all 80+ stores over the next six months.

Financial services

: Company had stagnant growth in a very competitive market.

Solution: Stantech developed a new marketing strategy that focused on key client service issues, advertising, and the development of important referral business. Unique tactics were tested and adopted where appropriate.

Results: Company has become the market leader in its segment and continues to close in on national firms. Sales growth over the last two years has exceeded 15%.

Photofinishing retailer

: Re-position the chain to differentiate it from competitors, and develop a new photofinishing strategy that maximizes company assets.

Solution: Total new positioning and branding was developed in conjunction with a revamped photofinishing strategy.

Results: Customer and Sales $ growth turned around dramatically: from -25% year-on-year to +5% in the six months following relaunch.

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