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Digital Marketing

The world is going digital and that is impacting on the ability of companies and marketers to effectively market their wares. Whether it is websites, search engines, social media, email, video, marketing automation, digital advertising, or a multitude of other media or marketing techniques, digital in itself is becoming a miniature industry, with numerous specializations entwined within it.

You don't need the stats to know that this is happening. Just look around you. See how people are communicating with you and with each other. And the trend is not going to reverse any time soon, if at all. We are just entering this new reality and being a part of the wave is a better place to be than trying to swim against it.

For additional insight, read Josh Bernoff's article: "Why marketing will be more digital, more interactive and more social"

As marketers with the best interests of our clients at heart, it would be foolish, and indeed irresponsible for us to ignore this trend.

The Digital Umbrella

In order for us to at Stantech to continue to supply leading edge strategies and tactics for our clients, we have developed a Digital Umbrella where we will provide specialist digital expertise where clients require it.

Technology is changing so fast that it is becoming more and more difficult for everyone to keep up. This is a challenge for all marketers. By working closely with the individuals that specialize in each of their own disciplines, we can provide this knowledge and expertise through them, and still ensure that your marketing strategies stay consistent with your business strategies.

These services are not only strategic in nature, but are specifically designed to implement hands-on campaigns for and on behalf of clients themselves. Not only will the digital team be able to help to design the strategies, but they will do the work as well, if necessary.

Who will benefit?

Clients that have a digital marketing need
Clients that require a digital marketing strategy
Clients that do not have sufficient digital talent and resources in-house.

Digital services

Website design, web development, content management system, website hosting, domain registration, hosted exchange. Multi-media, animation and flash. Blogs.

Internet Marketing
Search engine optimization (SEO), Search engine marketing (SEM), pay-per-click advertising, banner advertising, video optimization, local listing optimization

E-Mail marketing
Develop lists and campaigns direct to the inbox of your prospects. Tracking and measurement of responses. Landing pages.

Inbound Lead Generation
Define, build and implement sustainable models for inbound lead generation - based around intelligent post-click marketing programs for paid search and innovative persuasion architectures that encourage organic web site visitors to self-identify.

Social media marketing
Social media 101, Online reputation management, Governance policy for social media, Best practices, Detailed roadmap on how to build, improve, and enhance online presence, Managing the Net generation(GEN Y), Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, U-Tube etc

Marketing Automation (read case study)
Automate marketing, sales, and fulfillment processes; Integrate multi-media, multi-step marketing campaigns; Be relevant and timely with your follow-up; Never drop a lead again; Track and measure all your marketing investments; Focus sales people's time on the best prospects; See who's on your site RIGHT NOW; Save time by automating routine tasks; Optimize your marketing dollars.

To get all of the above you need the right tools to provide you with:

  • Landing pages

  • Personalized URLs

  • Direct mail postcard fulfillment

  • Customizable web forms

  • Social media sharing

Try Sendpepper or OfficeAutopilot

Easy to get started. Easy to use. Or contact us for help - we can ease you through the process.

Virtual Environments and Animations
Architectural visualizations; cinematic VR animations and renderings; 2D and 3D furnished floor plans; Multi-family, resort and luxury environments; office and commercial projects; HD (High Definition) film animations; Master planned and concept developments; medical and legal analysis and technical simulations; multimedia presentations; video production; helicopter motion tracking; high detail 3D custom modeling; encoding for DVD/CD-ROM; green screen photography and video; and interactive 3D web environments.

Video Production
Creative video production, Consumer Instore displays, DRTV programs, Podcasts, and Television commercial production, HDTV, and Internet video.

Custom News Articles
Our experienced team based in Boston, MA, comprised of 350 in-house journalists with a wide range of specialized experience will develop unique content for you through customized news articles. The objective is to to attract, engage and convert potential customers to your website and encourage that traffic to stay longer on the site as well as encourage them to come back on a regular basis. The process is completed via a comprehensive and active marketing campaign behind these articles that includes Search Engine Optimization, Inbound Link Generation, Social Media Marketing, News Aggregator Marketing, RSS Marketing, and Email Marketing.

For more information on these services contact Neville Pokroy: 905-886-2235.
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