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Is your business growing and maturing and are you finding it more and more difficult to manage the marketing activities you are doing, or thinking of doing? Then we are for you. We are here to help growing small and midsize companies get serious about marketing - and the coaching we provide will help you, the business owner or manager, to structure and strategize a marketing approach that is serious and will work.

A great marketing coach is an individual with a wealth of knowledge in every area of marketing. He brings experience and understanding to the process that adds value to the company, while at the same time he has the wisdom and capacity to allow the business and the management team to be itself. In other words he is a facilitator - not a dictator. He will allow the management team to conduct the orchestra, while being the force behind the hand that influences how the conducting is being done.

What should you look for in a professional marketing coach?

  • He will take on your challenges as his challenges.
  • He will feel the pain when you fail, but will be there to help you up and share in the success (and you will be successful).
  • He will be there for the long haul.

He is NOT a magician, but he will provide you with valuable insight on how to market your business for success!

A good coach will be able to advise the steps to take, when to take each step (timing is critical in marketing), and outline what the costs will be. A coach teaches you when, why, and how to employ a full range of marketing tools - from redesigning a website, to creating articles or white papers, starting a blog, conducting podcasts, and developing ad campaigns. And finally, a coach helps you find highly successful strategies that you can leverage without spending a cent.

A marketing coach often comes equipped with a tried and tested arsenal of resources, from expert designers, web teams, search engine optimization specialists, writers, publicity experts, or TV producers to help all kinds of businesses. Trying to find and use vendors takes time and money - this could cost thousands of dollars and hundreds of wasted hours - so use only tested contacts, and have your coach carefully manage them.

A marketing coach or consultant works with business owners or managers to develop clientele and to recommend strategies and marketing tactics that will work to meet the company's goals - usually to increase revenue, or for efficiency so the owners aren't spending every waking minute on their business. Whether a company wants to generate more online sales, decrease its staff size, or reach a broader market segment, a marketing coach creates an action plan using precisely the strategies needed to achieve the actual goals.

The old Pareto concept is true in marketing: 20% of the businesses control 80% of the potential revenues in that market. The top 4% control 65% of the market. Think about that for a moment. What separates the top 4% from everyone else is their ability to take action and measure their progress on a daily basis. And do it in a disciplined way. That's why companies like Procter and Gamble, Microsoft and other market leaders are so successful - disciplined marketing.

The prerequisite for committed daily action comes from proper goal setting and planning. Setting clear and concise goals and then breaking them down to monthly, weekly, and then daily outcomes. And guiding the company on allocating responsibilities and accountabilities. As a coach, this is the step where I have the greatest value to you, and that is to ensure the successful implementation of your plan so you will achieve your goals.

What you can expect from me?

  • All the above, PLUS
    • A Direct approach - no time wasting - we'll just get down to business
    • My strategic and creative resources
    • My full commitment to you

What kinds of clients' am I looking for?

  • Clients with a vision of the future. They can see where they want to take their company.
  • Clients with insufficient internal marketing resources but with a need and a drive to market their company towards their vision
  • Clients that understand they need marketing help to move the company forward
  • Clients that are not afraid to be challenged - after all, marketing often reflects change
  • Clients that are passionate about their product or service
  • Clients that accept responsibility for their own success

If you fit this mould, contact Neville Pokroy: 905-886-2235. I look forward to sharing our marketing coaching model with you.

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